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Intelligent Advice

Intelligent Advice
Do you have +5 years of experience from a related position in a large company and good knowledge in SAP Authorization? Do you want to work in the preparation phase to S/4? Do you like to be challenged in a professional company where sustainability is at the heart of their purpose “Making Better Happen™” AAK in their own words: Everything we do is about Making Better Happen™. AAK specializes in plant-based oils that are the value-adding ingredients in many of the products people love to consume. We make these products better tasting, healthier, and more sustainable. We enhance their sensory experience – by giving the silkier mouthfeel in premium chocolate, the juicier texture in a plant-based burger, and the puffier appearance in a lower-fat pastry. We can also optimize their production by substituting existing ingredients with plant-based equivalents that give better efficiency. AAK’s value-adding solutions enable our customers to be successful in a better way. At the heart of...