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Senior Product Designer

  • Kahoot!
  • Remote (Danmark)
  • 23/05/2022


Whereabouts: fully remote within Norway, Poland, Barcelona, Denmark, Finland

Interviews: Around 8 hours over a few weeks, including some practical work.

Salary: Dependent on which of the mentioned countries you’re located in - ask us!

Reporting to: Rik van den Munckhof, our Director of Design

Ask us anything: careers@kahoot.com or katarzynar@kahoot.com

Have you ever worked on a product that truly impacts the world?

Kahoot! is developing one! Our gamification platform empowers over 2 billion people to unlock their full learning potential and great design plays a super important role!

Being a Senior Product Designer at Kahoot! means:

✅ Having over 3 years of relevant experience.

✅ Truly caring about design and taking pride in the quality of your work

✅ Ability to take on tasks independently

✅ Excitement to take on new challenges

✅ Being able to communicate your work clearly and effectively

✅ Not being afraid to suggest improvements, raise concerns, or question the status quo

🎨 You will join our Core Team 3 as a Product designer

About you: background in UI and UX, experience in web app design and building customer-facing products, experience with user and content management, sign-up and onboarding

Don’t fit this profile but still hugely enthusiastic about product design and Kahoot!? Don’t worry - we’ve got something for you :) Let us know what type of a designer you are by clicking the apply button! ➡

Need a bit more information? Read a word from Rik, our Director of Design:

Hi there! I’m sure at this stage you will have read a fair few product designer job descriptions. And you probably find them all very similar to one another. In my experience designers are mostly looking for 3 things in a job:

1. To challenge themselves with interesting design problems and evolve their skillset.

2. The results of their work should have a positive impact on the world.

3. To feel part of/connected to their company and colleagues.

Kahoot! is great at all of those - click here to see how.