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Jobs in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a job as a foreigner in Denmark, Copenhagen is a great place to apply to many different types of jobs as well as to get an insight of the everyday lives of the Danes.

If you are a student looking for English speaking jobs in Copenhagen, the restaurant businesses offer a lot of different opportunities. Many restaurants, cafes and dining concepts in the heart of Copenhagen are very open to bilinguals, exchange students or foreigners as the city is overall full of diversity and open-mindedness. Moreover, does many places have an American or English concept, which makes it a lot easier to apply as English speaking. 

Copenhagen is a city with a great focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. This means startups will pop up everywhere. Copenhagen startup jobs can include everything from copywriting, service, administration, economics, logistics or sales and marketing. Take a look at the different startups or at The Hub, and contact them with a description of your skills and competencies or try to attend some of the networking events around in the city.

Generally, English speaking jobs in Denmark are not to tough to find. A lot of the bigger companies and firms in the country have some kind of international department or a sales department looking for great English speakers. And someone with great English skills is always a great catch in this case.

If you are looking for are looking for tech jobs in Copenhagen, you can take a look at the large telecommunications or IT companies such as Netcompany, TDC, Nets Denmark, CGI Denmark or Telenor. 

If you speak English fluently or even another language as well, it’s also easy for a student to get a part-time job as a tutor. There are multiple companies centered in Copenhagen looking for teachers to kids and adults of all ages.